Brigitte Saugstad who was born in Vienna, studied ceramic and design at Prof. Matheo Thun's class at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria.
After completing her studies, the artist spent several months at the College of Art in New Delhi where she delved into the Indian mythology regarding the archetype of the ‘divine inner child’ — the elephant- headed god,Ganesha. 

Deeply moved and inspired by this experience, the artist has let him playfully dance through her hands over the years, and in all her works is woven this principle of the inner child — the embodiment of childlike joy, innocence and wisdom within. 

The passion for dance, movement and speed first led Brigitte Saugstad to figure skating as a child.
She won national and international junior championships before completing her young career as a figure skater. 

Brigitte Saugstad worked for the renowned china paint company Augarten in Austria before she finally opened her own workshop in 1991 to fully dedicate herself to her art.
She presently lives and works as a freelance artist in Lower Austria. 


Ever since Brigitte Saugstad discovered ceramic as the perfect mean to express herself artistically, the elementariness of the material has captivated her: 'I form the raw material of the earth with my hands according to my ideas; nevertheless, it partly withdraws from my influence. The alchemical process of firing always adds something surprisingly different to my work’. Brigitte Saugstad works intuitively without any drafts or models. The moment she touches the material she feels the form that wants to become into being. Through the intensive work with her hands, she transfers her emotions and breathes life into her pieces. 



Great Art of Lightness


The essence of Brigitte Saugstad's art work lies in their childlike joy and harmonious movements. The gliding and floating of the sculptures and objects give them an exceptional expression of joy and lightness. At the same time the works radiate a fascinating strength and bond with the earth. It is the perfect balance of dynamic and harmony which immediately attracts the viewer and fills him with energy. 

Brigitte Saugstad's art is not meant to inspire thoughts; on the contrary she wants to achieve freedom of thought and detachedness with her art. Simple and natural as her work is, it is spontaneously understandable. The childlike joy and innocence of her sculptures open the heart and touch the viewer's soul individually. Her works develop a life of their own and it almost seems like the pieces choose their owner themselves. 

Worldwide art lovers and collectors enjoy Brigitte Saugstad's sculptures. She has presented her works in numerous galleries and exhibitions in Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Great Britain, France, Monaco, the USA, Canada, Cyprus, UK, Iran, Egypt, Dubai, China. 



My homage to Vienna and the Vienna Workshops movement. Born in Vienna, I grew up surrounded by the ubiquitous presence of the Jugendstil/Art Nouveau movement. The Jugendstil epoch is of particular importance to the ceramic art and handcraft, thus it’s no wonder that I should draw inspiration for my artwork from the philosophy of the Vienna Workshops movement of that historical period. The ceramic works of that time mostly impress upon us a light, free and friendly world. The strong colours, playful decorations and love for detail are also an essential part of my artistic creations. The inner exuberance of Viennese Jungendstil ceramic sculptures can be discovered again in my works. The harmonic movements, the powerful curves and the abundance and luxuriance of the sculptures lend to my works their exceptional expression of joy, wellbeing and lightness. The ViennaBloom series is my homage to the Viennese ceramic art of the Jungendstil Vienna Workshops period.