Although I love the extremes, a certain equilibrium state is essential for all my work. Life and art need contrasts, contrary things, which have to be kept in balance in a certain ways. I find myself again and again, while working on idea and conception, when I tilt from one side to the other like a beam balance, just to swing shortly after in an unstable steady state. 

The possibility to lose balance gives me a thrill and demands me in many ways. Stability is boring. Curiosity and break away are appealing. And still, an equilibrium state is an absolute must...


Upcoming Exhibitions

October - November 2019 

single exhibition, Büni Galerie , Dotzigen, Switzerland 

November 2019 

Group exhibition in New York City with art productions NYC , New York, USA December 201 9 

Group exhibition at Spectrum Miami

Art Basel Miami Week , Miami, USA Dezember 2019 

Gruppenausstellung Kunstmesse, 

Red Dot Miami , Art Basel Miami Week, USA


Select/Recent Exhibitions

June - August 2019 

Single exhibition Kirsten Kjaer Museum, Frostrup Dänemark Juni -

Juli 2019 

Single exhibition Galleri Tornby, Bindslev, Dänemark 

December 2018 till January 2019, 

group exhibition, Arrigoni art trade & art space , Cham, Switzerland 

November 2018

single exhibition , Arrigoni art trade & art space , Cham, Switzerland 

December 2018, 

group exhibition , Miami River Art Fair , Art Basel Week , Miami, USA 

June 2018, 

group exhibition, Gallery Bog -Art , Brüssel, Belgium 

May 2018, 

group exhibition Gallery Saphira & Ventura , New York, USA

March 2018 April /Mai 2018 

single exhibition Galerie Leuebrüggli, Langenthal, Switzerland March 2018 Group exhibition at the Harbour Art Fair, Hongkong Group Exhibition in Galerie Monod, Paris, France 

November/December 2017 

Group Exhibition in Galerie Achtzig, Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg, Deutschland 

June 2017 

Group Exhibition at Arrigoni Kunsthandel in Shedhalle Zug, Switzerland 

Mai-November 2017 

Exhibition paintings and sculptures in Stilhaus/die Form, Rothrist, Switzerland 

September/October 2016 

Group Exhibition with paintings in Galerie Immaginazione in Brugg, Switzerland

March/April 2016 

Single Exhibition paintings and sculptures ProvEssence in Galerie FARB in Delémont, Switzerland 

October 2015 

Single Exhibition with paintings and sculptures in Espace Bloch Château Lauris, France 

March 2015 

Group Exhibition with paintings in Galerie En Beauregard in Montreux, Switzerland 

March 2015 

Single Exhibition with paintings NEO RETRO in an ancient factory building in Derendingen, Switzerland.