I am a Norwegian photographer, and has worked as graphic designer in twenty-five years. I have been taken pictures since 1976, and has traveled the world, telling stories via photographs. I studied art photography for two years at Oslo Photo Art School in 2004-2006. 

I have had 3 solo exhibitions in Norway, and group participations in Oslo Norway, London, Bologna, Madrid, Miami, New York and Gothenburg Sweden. Often I find inspiration in nature and is especially fascinated by natural light. I prefer working just with camera, often with one long exposure and motion.


My natural motives often have a poetic expression, which relates to my curiosity and amazement. Along with nature and "painting" with the camera, I'm composing my own magical moments. By using long exposure and motion, I also want to give room for the viewer's thoughts and feelings. 

This technique with many variables makes it impossible to repeat the same motive more than once, a quality I greatly appreciate.  
I also work with details or simplifying motives, either for emphasize the graphic form or open up to the sense of recognition.

My fascination with the light made me start copying motives directly on acrylic. By hanging the image in a window, the varying natural light will flow through the motive and give it extra life.

To explore the refraction of light in thicker acrylic, and what it does with the experience of the subject, I also copy art photo on extra thick acrylic (up to 40 mm). This produces a unique magical experience of the motive.


As a human being and photographer I'm passionate about the light, colors, shapes and emotions.

All my life, since my father the forester, learned me to love trees I have been attached to the nature in which I find beauty harmony excitement and magic, small hidden worlds and details.

Also people's inner and outer lives interest me, how feelings and society are expressed. 

I like to create my art in natural light, only with the camera as a tool, one long exposure, and movement – no digital manipulation, only using Photoshop as a darkroom.