Manabu Takano was born in a small town in Gumma, Japan.Livingaround mountains, rivers, and animals, he's disposition toward nature has been a constant in life. Takano's whimsical, figurative animal portraits are rendered througha combination of dot painting and gestural brushworks.

 The stationary sun and moon, which he uses as motives, represent the time of instant, eternity, and both, while the rabbit symbolizes a life. He experienced September 11 attacks in U.S.A. and The Tohoku earthquake in Japan, after which life and death started to have a special meaning to him. His artworks havebeen exhibited in many countries and being of numerous collections throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.



Manabu Takano's major exhibitions and art fairs are "moon, sun and rabbit"(Ashiya Gallery kyoto, Gallery Ogata, Omotesando gallery, JAPAN), "Contemporaries at Uffizi"(Uffizi Museum, ITALY), "Salon Art Shopping"(Louvre Museum, FRANCE), "KIAF"(KOREA), "Art Expo NY"(AMERICA) and more.

Main prizes he won "Leonard Da Vinci International Award (2015)", "Michelangelo International Award (2014)" and more. He was born in 1975, graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Japan (MFA, BFA).



Galileo Galilei international award (2017)

International Prize Canaletto (2016)

Leonard Da Vinci international award (2015)

The 750th anniversary of birth of Dante award (2015)

Michelangelo international award (2014)

Noto International award (2014)

Biennale European award (2013)

Takahashi Geiyukai award (1999)

Kume Keiichiro award (1997)