In 1975, Michel Audebert artist's adventure begins. Photographer and plastician, he takes us along in a search towards the beauty or the message is as strong as the image. "Even more than a work on the representation, my research is the expression of the feeling which emanates from the photographed subject ... In my images, the repetition does not have a "hypnotic" goal... The least variation on the subject must modify our perception of it... I have a high idea of Photography as a mode of expression. In a parallel with reality and the time which passes, I regard this one as a major art... It can create the illusion of reality like the impression of stopped time. For me, photography is a formidable instrument of dream and nostalgia. 

Here, in some lines, Michel Audebert, photographer and plastician, define and pose the scenery of his creative passion as a means of restoring a reality but more to express to see transcending the beauty of the world which surrounds it.

In 1975 its adventure of artist begins; first steps in one of the birthplace of the French photographic expression while taking part in the meetings of the famous Photo-Club of the Val de Bièvres not far from recognized French Museum of Photography, then stage after stage, its career grow rich by meeting, collective exposures or in solo.


How to determine or qualify its photographic work? Are there inspirations or Masters in whom it poses his own print?

It is true that with Michel Audebert one could find some traces identity, here or there of Lucien Clergue, of David Hamilton to quote only these two great figures of photography. Its photographic art is more complex than a simple correspondence, the parallels thus stop there.

We are not in naked photography, nature or environmental. Its work causes a feeling, a feeling to see a reflexion; the graphic celebration of a form, a curve, a detail, a matter, will have for certain besides an effect contemplative and called upon the bottom of us with well anchored existential codes.

Most astonishing in its work, it is that one cannot dissociate the desire of the photographer of magnifier his model that it results human or from nature and to give him a capacity to be expressed in a peaceful harmony like soliciting us with a form of safeguarding, of respect.


  For the galerist J. Debaigts "... Actually, although it proposes images to us, it transmits also messages to us, those of its imaginary always in awakening. This man-photographer is an alchemist. In front of its objective nature yields with its aesthetic impulses, more than it imposes itself of it.... 

Thus do not seek to categorize it in a field or another, observe its creations like works or its imaginary takes the step on reality. Moving or statics, its photography is an art at the same time easy of access and complex to decode, nothing is free and all is reflected and it is also what makes a work of art, its capacity to appear spontaneously and according to these proper codes.

Michel Audebert is, an architect, a composer of the beauty which surrounds us, it takes form in a woman, a tree, a sky or a wave and finally it arises a feeling of a whole, single. With him, reality is abstract; finally of account it is another dimension which it proposes to us.

In 1975, the photographer had been born.

It was gradually moulted as a plastician, a change which had not escaped besides Christian Langlois, member of the Academy of the Art schools who in 1997 caused the idea with the artist to make the entrance examination with CASA VELASQUEZ in Spain, international establishment of artistic and scientific creation.

Artistic approach...

Our Origins ... this could well be the purpose of a journey through time, which would bring us back to the ancient relationship that Man had with Nature. This is not a strictly environmental vision but rather the search for an intimate relationship with Nature ... This quest for a certain psychic balance comes to support the vital balance ... in a contemplative approach , even of "mystical contact" in the broad sense, with Creation!

 Regarding the "reading" of my images, I would say that sensory perception is essential and must go beyond visual perception, to reach the strongest possible emotion ... My main artistic source of inspiration, is in fact the "rock music" and especially its great guitarists, because it works in my opinion in the same way as my images, that is to say that the emotion passes first by sensory perception! To the sound, the harmonies and the sound volume of this music, correspond in the order of my photography, the physical matter, the color palette and the forms with strong presence! ... In my series of images that seem repetitive, there is the will to show and to make feel that the slightest variation of presentation of the subject, modifies its perception!


 The proximity and the focus of the subject must allow the expression of the greatest realism in its representation! The fragments of landscape by their strong presence become "natural entities" which have their own existence ... The expression of the elements is to be considered as well in the meaning of the four constituent elements, as in the sense of the Natural Forces in their movement! The women I photograph must become "The Woman", unique in its symbolism, and for that express itself more by the body than by the face ... As for my more erotic images, you could see that I do not exceed not "L'Origine de Monde" of Courbet J ... The model certainly does not feel an erotic sensation, but the viewer maybe yes ... by the particular effect of rendering my images! These images that make me feel much more than they actually show J! ... Moreover in the capture of the Light, I try to materialize it ... It must be visible on the "objects" that become its reflectors and transmitters, which then change into a "body of light"!

As for the models that work with me, I would say that there are in my opinion, three types ... What is sometimes called a "living model", is a model that seeks expression beyond the appearance, a little actress and who particularly feels the sense of its pose ... This type of model takes over the environment, while with a less charismatic model it happens that the environment is so important, or more, than the woman represented ... These are two different approaches for me! There is sometimes, a compromise between the two styles of models, a kind of balance!

 By my approach and my artistic vision, I consider myself an artist photographer and not an artistic photographer ... I use photography for my creation and not the art for my photography ... In fact, beyond the subject treated itself, I try to capture an image of the sensation or emotion that emerges ... A bit like a subliminal image that the view would not reveal! To summarize, my photographic project is in fact to give a "physical" reality to images, by the "presence" of them and by the intimacy of our relationship with these "natural bodies" ... I try to go beyond, the materiality of the photographic support to better forget it, and plunge us into the reality of the subject revealed to the eye ... In this return to the Origins there is for me the search for the "paradise" gone through the "Purgatory", but I will never find that in fact, a "Paradise lost" ...