BFA from Salisbury University with a concentration in Painting, Summa Cum Laude, 2007 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from the University of Regensburg, Germany in 1991 Born and raised in the German countryside, I learned to appreciate nature at an early age. Nature inspires me to create something that is unique to me and free from boundaries. My artwork is a reaction to my surroundings and my feelings. I use both photography and painting to interpret colors, shapes, texture, lines and values that I find in nature. Nature is the best artist and the possibilities for interpretation are endless. 

Living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, I am surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty and wildlife. I get inspired by the rhythmic reflections and the fluid movements of the water surface. The shapes and the density of the water plants offer endless possibilities for artistic interpretations. I pay attention to the ever changing light and weather conditions and the impact it has on the elements. Through my art, I try to capture harmony of all living creatures within their environment. Attempting to capture the colors and the serenity of a sunset over the river on a hazy summer day remains an ongoing challenge for me.

“Influenced by my history and evolving around my thoughts and emotions, my artwork is a visual interpretation of all that inspires me. My diverse ideas originate in the complexity of my mind, where I get to create something that is unique to me and free from boundaries. Reality, imagination and abstraction all co-exist and need no explanation. The unexplained is far more intriguing, as it resides beyond the picture plane."


Petra Bernstein


I don’t limit myself to a certain kind of painting style or subject matter. My artwork ranges from close-up photographs and paintings of flora and fauna to abstract interpretations of the mystery of nature. I chose my subject matters by finding an emotional connection in my surrounding. It can be a flower from my yard, a heron down by the water or a colorful sunset that captures my need for creativity at the time. Over the last few years, I have been drawn to abstract painting. 

Creating abstract art has a liberating and exciting effect on my mind and my soul. Art has become a beautiful journey for me, and I can no longer imagine my life without it. The quiet studio time in combination with my outside camera time is a perfect combination to keep me inspired. I am happy when I can create something that was not there before and something that is truly mine.


Upcoming Exhibitions

2019 Inclusion in Juried Spring Member Show at the Circle Gallery in Annapolis, MD. Show is curated by the Maryland Federation of Art. “Spring Meeting”, Archival Print. 

2019 Inclusion in “Works on Paper” Exhibition by the Maryland Federation of Art Exhibition in Annapolis, MD. “A New Beginning”, Watercolor on Paper, 2018

2019 Inclusion in the Hill Center TREEmendous Juried Exhibition from March 7th through April 28th at the Hill Center Galleries and Capitol Hill Art League in Washington, DC. “Hold My Hand”, Archival Print, 2018

Group Show “Raccontami…” at the Spazio Tadini Home Museum in Milan, Italy in June, 2019 with two works