Tomomi Sato was born in Saitama, Japan in 1970. She spend my childhood in Fukuoka, Nagoya, Yokohama. She was a quiet child who like reading books and drawing pictures. She got influenced by Munch during puberty. In 1988, entered the department of oil painting at Musashino Art University. 

She looked for the core of art production and read various books such as philosophy, literature and psychology at the library. She could not accept traditional oil painting classical techniques, She also thought about the necessity of human experience as an artist, after graduating from college She got a job at an advertising production company as a graphic designer. 

After that, in the work as a designer, She learned MAC and graphic software operating techniques.



We experience various emotions as we go alive, and their accumulation creates a life. The moment the emotion is born is very dramatic. The scene is probably that humans have been experienced many times over a long history. Is life about 80years? Human beings have many experiences, continued to grow, and die. Also, from the beginning of humanity to the present day, it has evolved while repeating various successes and failures. The moment of sympathy with others, the moment of love birth, the moment of awakening, the moment of mind purification. 

Moments of movement.The scenes where dramas occur can not be created by humans alone. The existence that is larger than human gives us. The precious moment is given to anyone in any situation. So I want to leave it as a gift for past and present, east-west friends.

In 2000, She became independent freelance graphic designer. Beginning with design work, writing novels and illustration production, starting production of digital art from 2005. She currently has exhibitions in Japan and abroad.


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