I’m a Canadian artist, born in Finland. Presently, I’m a semi-retired Art instructor. I sell my art, freelance design/write, and travel. Having a 35-year career only in art/design areas, I've worked as a magazine photographer, Television art director, to Ad agency illustrator early on. After 1984, I received my Art, Art History to Education degrees, I became an Art, History, to Media Professor/Instructor for University, College I won the City of Thunder Bay annual ‘Culture & Heritage Award in' Visual Art'. Being asked as Art adviser for Ontario Arts Council Art grants proposals was a new experience. 

I'm noted for my artworks’ bold varied shapes, to vibrant colours. My style Is a fusion from many influences, being somewhat eclectic I’m more interested in the whole image when I create. I’m inspired by whatever environment surrounds me, exploring the structure of my perceptions from many angles, all around, to inside out


 I use traditional and computer methods starting with some intriguing plan, with spontaneity, as I don’t want to know the exact result. I need to challenge my limits. The start may be creating collages, but need not be complete. I may scan some concept with potential, into my computer. Then, from there on it is ‘looking’ ‘thinking’ to ‘doing’ [that can change order]. I really enjoy manipulating, adding, subtracting, changing things, with software tools at hand, in some selective way, until the art has that uniqueness I feel, that makes it complete. 


My art process is like cooking something new, starting with a recipe, then I put aside that fixed plan, allowing my creative mind to flow into the mix. My art exploration has been a long progress with varied art styles, however my approach hasn’t been rigid to any set of assumptions. I have discerned my art as being a ‘fusion’ or ‘eclectic’. My influences are from what I’ve experienced, perceived and learned. When inspired to create, I immerse myself into my art process, so my work becomes a stimulus for my introspection and the viewers’ contemplation.


 It’s my engagement in whatever subject matter that fascinates, that becomes the artistic journey I’ve always had faith in. Whether I’ve created with watercolour paints, mixed media or a printmaking method, it’s the varied bold forms, pronounced colours, to striking patterns, and textures that occur to unify my compositions. Each artwork I create has varied percentages of planning and spontaneity. When I produce my art, it involves utilizing varied tools, for manipulating the elements, be it with traditional or/and hi-tech methods that feel right to proceed with. 

My ‘thinking’, ‘looking’ and ‘doing’ are essential components of creating, but may shift in order, accordingly, while progressing. When I feel my artwork is complete, then it’s time to allow myself to indulge in its savory blend.



 -Thunder Bay Art Gallery Annual Auction – Contributed Art for 2018

- Artwork Published in 4th- 5th ed: -2017/’18 ‘Inspiration International Art Book’

- Solo Art Exhibition-- ‘In Common’ Gallery, Thunder Bay, ON, Sept./Oct.- 2016

-Group Art Show- Altamira Art Gallery, Havana, Cuba, - International artists  Entered 6 artworks - (2 week exhibit/open talk - June, 2016) 

-Group Art Exhibition- Monaco annual Art Exhibition, Europe, (2014)

-Group Exhibition – Moniker Gallery, -Richmond St., Toronto, ON (2012)

-Awarded ‘City of Thunder Bay, Culture & Heritage Award’-for Visual Art (2007)

 -Thunder Bay National Art Gallery -Thunder Bay (Sept. / Oct., 2004) - Solo Art Exhibition-Major Regional Artist’s, Solo Exhibition Series – Theme: ‘Highway Fusion’ 

-Advisor Juror for Ontario Arts Council 

-Toronto, ON, Canada- (2002) Asked to represent N.W. Ontario, as jury advisor to select best Art proposals for Ontario Arts Council ‘Education Grant Funding’ with 4 art advisors.

-Awarded: ‘Artist in Residence’-Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, [World Heritage Site] Created workshops in Mixed Media & Creative Photography. Helped to raise funds along with local artists for their new art gallery – (July/Aug. 2002)

-Definitely Superior Art Gallery- Solo Exhibition -Thunder Bay, ON 

Mixed Media Artworks (August 2002) 3 week showing.

-Co-ordinated Bi-National Art Exhibition - Collaborative Student Art Exhibition

Palo Alto District School/L. Angeles & Pikangikum, ON, Art students (2001)

-Solo Art Exhibition- Marek Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada (Sept. 2000)